Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Warning: Frugal Artist at Large

Debbie Ward, from Lucky Girls Paper Arts, has identified herself as a frugal artist. She recently realised that continually buying new scrapbooking papers and ephemera doesn't always make her more creative. By going through the supplies she already has accumulated and purchased over the many years Debbie have been crafting, it provides an opportunity to "make do" and create lovely cards.

Whether its paper you have stashed away, rubber art stamps you haven't used in a while or a pile of cardboard, turing your hand to craft recycling can help to focus your attention. It also goes a long way to creating real value by using what you already have. It also makes is much easier to use materials you already have, rather than trying to find a new home for it!

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Monday, 16 April 2012

Transform your Doodles into Art

The very clever Francesca Albini spends many hours doodling; while watching television, talking on the phone or writing notes. If there is a pen or marker lying around, doodles are being created.

But she hates throwing them out.

She has figured out ways to transformed those hours of doodling into mixed media collages and art journal layouts. There are the usual methods to be used in mixed media with cutting and gluing. Then Francesca has explored ways to scan her doodles into her computer and use them digitally as well.

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