Saturday, 10 August 2013

The Beauty of Stencils on your Mixed Media Artwork

We would all love to put our creativity to book for everyone to see. During your creation, have you ever thought of what beauty you would experience by the use of Stencils? With them you are able to add shapes and patterns to your work giving some perfection to it.

See below the types of stencils you can work with:
  • Found objects like paper doilies, leaves, pressed flowers and feathers all that can be found around your home.
  • You can chose to make your own stencils that will allow you to have full control over your creativity. You can create own photos and print then in whatever color you wish to. 
  • Buy ready made stencils from your local craft stores. 
Your approach to using stencils needs to be slow and steady especially when adding layers to your creative work. As you add your palette and paint to your brush make sure you run a test to make sure the wetness is not too much. Too much paint will lead to “bleeding” of the stencil where the paint runs from under the stencil which leads to losing your design.

Check your results after the use of each stencil to confirm that all is well before adding any other. Enjoy your creation.