Thursday, 11 July 2013

Creating Little Fat Books

More often than not, some of the interests we have are lengthened and strengthened through increased learning and attending workshops on the same. From them we learn the basics and simply try to experiment what we learn.

Have you heard of Little Fat Books? They are much smaller than the normal handmade books with a measurement of 10.5cm x 10.5cm. They could feature with found objects on them or with nature elements.

Among the many that you can find, include one that you can look through a central circular. Making of Little Fat Books can be all exciting and in various types and shapes. You can also use different layers of color and the many materials that you can recycle soft drink bottle caps cut, rusted, circular metallic pieces while incorporating painted curtain rings.

One of the many Little Fat Books you can build on with your knowledge and as an interest is called “Twigs”. It is unique with two pages that are adjacent to each other. Little Fat Books have a stunning look and especially if you have the basics at hand. Because of their sizes they can our comfortably fit onto your hands.

Look out for these elements. They will entice your interests further.