Thursday, 27 December 2012

Finding your creativity through Mixed Media Art

If you feel an inner need to create and are not sure where to begin, then mixed media art is a great place to start. Chances are, if you have already found this blog, you know something about this type of art. If you have been told that you aren't artistic or can't draw, you needn't give up your dreams of being creative. 

How do we know that we have an inner need to create? Well, we collect nice papers and object with colours that appeal, and want to bring paints and canvases and ephemera together to turn it into something else. Some people express their creativity through dance or music or writing, but wanting to make art or craft is an equally valid type to artistic expression.

Firstly, if you want to learn to draw, then all you need to do is to decide, get yourself some pencils and drawing paper, and explore the internet for classes or go to the library and find a book. Then finding time to practice is up to you. If your pulse races at a specific craft - scrapbooking, jewellery making, knitting - then you will need to follow those trails.

If you would prefer to get messy with paint, then you'll need a few more supplies and tools, but not many more, plus a space to paint. Then you can read through the articles recommended below and get started:
Happy creating!

{Photo courtesy of (c) Canstock Photos}