Monday, 24 June 2013

Mixed Media Painting Tip

When creating mixed media paintings, I love using water color paper but it's hard to keep it flat or to prevent paint from getting on the wrong side. Here Michelle explains how she uses a backing board to keep the paper safe.

Key materials:
- Piece of Coreflute; this piece is 11.5" x 20"
- Cereal box plastic
- Masking tape

Note: any thick cardboard will be sufficient. It just needs to be stiff enough to hold its own weight.

** Have you tried this technique? ** I'd love to hear what you have tried! **

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Have You Ever Thought of Working with Canvas?

Beauty is good and beautiful things motivate us on a daily basis thus everyone loves beauty. After all who does not like being identified with a beautiful thing or item and more so that which has been done on a self creativity platform?

Have ever thought of what you can do with canvas? Has it ever occurred in you that mixed media art can be applied on mini media canvas? From canvas you can achieve a lot and in many cases it should be the size of “4x4”. 

You can literally use it to make mixed media collage on but you will need embossing paste for sticking items with. There is nothing you cannot be glued on it which are preferred to be metallic the likes of metallic flowers as small as you want and as big as you want. You can also make them with the shapes that please you best.

Besides you can also choose to spray with colorations while fixing up other smaller shapes than the metallic flowers. At the end of it will look more of an orchard. Beads can be added at the middle of each flower and on completion you will have made use of a simple canvas to produce a beautiful piece of work.