Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Handmade Greeting Cards

When Michelle G. Brown is not creating on her Facebook page, she is somewhere thinking hard about her creation. Her passion of being a mixed media artist comes from sharing her knowledge and techniques with other people. This alone comforts her in knowing that courtesy of her, other people can easily express their own creativity.

So what is she up to this time round? Creation of handmade greeting cards for Mother’s Day! These are the simple supplies that she played around with to get that magnificent card:

· Stencil and a range of pastels

· Matching color cards

· A range of soft sponges

· 2-sided tape

· Bristol Paper

· Versamark ink

Here are the instructions:

· From the pad, get out the sheet of Mixed media or Bristol paper

· Stamp large stamp image around paper using Versamark ink

· Using a masking tape, make sure to secure the stamped card

· Use a light circular motion with a sponge to add a colour of your choice. The stamped patterns will appear

· Keep adding the different colors that you have alongside blending the edges between the colors to fade out any sharp lines

· You can remove the stencil and spray with workable fixative

· Now cut the colors background to fit onto the card of your choice

This world is full of creation and according to Michelle; everyone has room to explore since the amazing world of mixed media art is accessible to everyone.

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