Saturday, 4 July 2015

Is Scrapbooking Dead?

Ann Strecko Koeman believes in making things work with whatever comes her way hence she is always collecting things. Being a Mixed Media Artist, she finds use for every of her collections.

While a majority of people seem to be in total agreement with the selling of scrapbooking supplies having reached its peak and probably declining, she feels otherwise.

According to her, there is still some hope. After all the concept of collecting and cataloguing memories in paper form has been around since the invention of paper.

“The tools we have invested in, in our line of duty and creation should not go to waste,” Ann said. “Keep them and use them whenever necessary since it could be the wave to future creativity”. She continued.

Over the years Ann has collected a variety of skills and thus a vast collection of tools including an overpriced collection of intended for scrapbooking tools.

As a Mixed Media Artist, any tool to her is useful at some time in her artistic career. Just because a tool or supply is marketed to be sold in one market does not mean it cannot be used in another.

She has a lot to look up to including old trimmers, punches, plastic page layout guides, stickers and embellishments

Her parting shot is Scrapbooking may be a dying fad but Mixed media art making is very much alive.

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