Friday, 3 July 2015

Making your Own Canvas Fabric Bag

Tamara Dinius loves creating things from her own accord which she comfortably does from her studio. Out of her own imagination, she attempted to create a functional mixed media tote bag using canvas fabric and Tattered Angels High Impact paints.

This is how she did it after gathering her items which included spray bottle, Tattered Angels High Impact Paints, stencils, brushes, and permanent markers:
  • On the left and right sides, Spray your canvas fabric with water and then apply your yellow paint in a haphazard motion.
  • At the bottom left, and while it is still damp, apply your orange paint using a stencil and stencil brush.
  • At the bottom right, add water and your yellow paint using a stencil of your choosing. 
  • On either side, you can add the writings of your desire using a stencil. 
At the finishing stage, use a contrasting thread to topstitch the seams you want. At this point you are allowed to add some freestyle quilting to the bag using different colored threads.

You will then add long handles to the bag using the same red canvas fabric that you used at the middle portion.

With any form of creativity and imagination, this project can turn out to be really fun. For example, Tamara used permanent markers of varying colors to add various writings on the bag. According to her, creativity is a way of life in which you can experiment so many styles.

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